Red Joan (12A)

Red Joan

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Sunday 26 May 20197:30pm
Thursday 30 May 20191:30pm

In a picturesque village in England, Joan Stanley (Academy Award winner Dame Judi Dench), lives in contented retirement. Then suddenly her tranquil existence is shattered as she's shockingly arrested by MI5. For Joan has been hiding an incredible past; she is one of the most influential spies in living history.

Avengers: Endgame (12A)

Avengers: Endgame

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Sunday 26 May 20191:30pm
Tuesday 28 May 20191:30pm

The culmination of over 10 years of storytelling comes to a conclusion in this installment of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Thanos has wiped out half of all life in the known universe, and it’s up to the remaining Avengers to put that right and save the world… one last time.

WTA Presents: The Mafia Only Kills in Summer (15)

WTA Presents: The Mafia Only Kills in Summer

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Tuesday 28 May 20197:30pm

Inspired by real events, this is a black comedy about 20 years of history of Sicily from 1970s to 1990s, mocking Mafia Bosses and restoring the generosity of the heroes of Antimafia. The film focuses on Arturo, a young boy who grows up in Palermo and tries to win the love of his beloved Flora. With a warm welcome and nibbles from The Wirksworth Twinning Association from 6.30pm. In Italian with English subtitles.

The Ponds (12A)

The Ponds

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Wednesday 29 May 20191:30pm (Closed)

In the middle of London lies Hampstead Heath, 320 hectares of forest, parkland and wildlife plus three swimming ponds. People swim in them all year round, whatever the weather. Capturing the beauty of the English seasons. A funny and offbeat tale of community spirit and our connection to nature.

Mid90s (15)


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Wednesday 29 May 20197:30pm

This ambitious directorial debut from actor Jonah Hill is a spiky tale of youthful rebellion with an evocative soundtrack; in 1990s Los Angeles, 13-year-old Stevie spends his summer navigating between a troubled home life and a crew of new friends he meets at a skate shop.

NT Live: All About Eve (12A)

NT Live: All About Eve

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Thursday 30 May 20197:00pm

Gillian Anderson (X-Files) and Lily James ( Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again) lead in All About Eve.

The play tells the story of Margo Channing. Legend. True star of the theatre. The spotlight is hers, always has been. But now there’s Eve. Her biggest fan. Young, beautiful Eve. The golden girl, the girl next door. But you know all about Eve…don’t you…?

Tolkien (12A)


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Friday 31 May 20191:30pm
Sunday 2 Jun 20197:30pm
Wednesday 5 Jun 20191:30pm
Friday 7 Jun 20191:30pm
Saturday 8 Jun 20191:30pm

Exploring the formative years of the orphaned author as he finds friendship, love and artistic inspiration among a group of fellow outcasts at school. This takes him into the outbreak of World War I, which threatens to tear the fellowship apart. All of these experiences would inspire Tolkien to write his famous Middle-Earth novels.

Derby Jazz: Matt Chandler Trio (12A)

Derby Jazz: Matt Chandler Trio

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Friday 31 May 20197:30pm

Until 2010 Matt lived in Wirksworth, he’s now working internationally out of London. He’s just released his third album “Astrometrics” with this all-star trio, featuring Ross Stanley’s Hammond Organ and Eric Ford’s drums.

Matt has worked with many of the UK’s major jazz artists including Dave O’Higgins, Alan Barnes, Dennis Rollins and Tony Kofi. His innovative jazz style is supported by a career that has spanned genres from jazz to punk, folk to electronica.

Love, Sonia (18)

Love, Sonia

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Monday 3 Jun 20197:30pm

Love, Sonia tells the heartfelt and brave story of Sonia (Mrunal Thakur), a young Indian Village girl whose life irrevocably changes when she is entrapped into the vicious global sex trade network. In Hindi with English subtitles.

Support us in raising money for the INCH Charity, all tickets are £11 and sofas and armchairs will be raffled off on the night. There will also be handmade gifts on sale, which will all go towards the charity.

EOS: Van Gogh & Japan (12A)

EOS: Van Gogh & Japan

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Wednesday 5 Jun 20197:30pm

Though Vincent van Gogh never visited Japan it is the country that had the most profound influence on him and his art. Indeed, one cannot understand Van Gogh without understanding how Japanese art arrived in Paris in the middle of the 19th century and the profound impact it had on artists like Monet, Degas and, above all, Van Gogh.

Visiting the new galleries of Japanese art in Paris and then creating his own image of Japan – through in-depth research, print collecting and detailed discussions with other artists

¡Viva! Ana de día (15)

¡Viva! Ana de día

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Thursday 6 Jun 20197:30pm

Including echoes of Hitchcock and Lynch, an uncanny atmosphere pervades the film as Ana abandons her fiancé and career, and embraces an alternative version of herself, complete with a job in a seedy cabaret. Exploring her sexuality from this new position in society, Ana seems both vulnerable and empowered, an eerie ambiguity that holds the audience in suspense until the end. In Spanish with English subtitles.

Part of ¡Viva! Spanish & Latin American Festival 2019 tour, presented by HOME, Manchester, with the support of the BFI, awarding funds from The National Lottery.

Vox Lux (15)

Vox Lux

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Friday 7 Jun 20197:30pm
Saturday 8 Jun 20197:25pm

Celeste is a 13-year-old music prodigy who survives a horrific school shooting in 1999. Her talent shines through during the memorial service when she sings a song that touches the hearts of the mourners. Guided by her sister and a talent manager, the young phenom transforms into a rising pop star. Eighteen years later, Celeste now finds herself on the comeback trail when the pitfalls of fame threaten her career.

The Keeper (15)

The Keeper

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Sunday 9 Jun 20191:30pm7:30pm
Thursday 13 Jun 20191:30pm

Telling the story of a man whose love for football, for England and for the love of his life, Margaret saw him rise from Nazi 'villain' to British hero. Bert Trautmann the German goalkeeper won over even his harshest opponents by winning the FA Cup Final for Manchester City in 1956 - playing on with a broken neck to secure victory.

¡Viva! Petra (15)

¡Viva! Petra

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Wednesday 12 Jun 20197:30pm

Auteur filmmaker Rosales brings the atmosphere of Greek tragedy to contemporary Spain in this portrait of a broken family suffering the consequences of secrets, lies and violence. Petra, a fatherless young woman, embarks on a search that leads her to Jaume, a famous artist and a powerful, ruthless man. In Spanish with English subtitles.

Part of ¡Viva! Spanish & Latin American Festival 2019 tour, presented by HOME, Manchester, with the support of the BFI, awarding funds from The National Lottery.

Being Frank: The Chris Sievey Story (15)

Being Frank: The Chris Sievey Story

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Thursday 13 Jun 20197:30pm

Frank Sidebottom, remembered fondly as the man with the papier-mâché head, was the court jester of the Manchester music and comedy scene for over 25 years, but only a privileged few knew the man inside. Being Frank tells a twisted tale of split personalities - a suburban superhero with a fanatical desire to preserve the myth he created.

Rocketman (15)


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Friday 14 Jun 20191:30pm7:30pm
Saturday 15 Jun 20197:30pm
Monday 17 Jun 20197:30pm
Tuesday 18 Jun 20197:30pm
Thursday 20 Jun 20191:30pm
Friday 21 Jun 20191:30pm
Sunday 23 Jun 20191:30pm

From the director of Bohemian Rhapsody comes another foot stomping musical cinematic adventure. An epic musical fantasy about the uncensored human story of Sir Elton John’s breakthrough years, played by a fully committed Taron Egerton. Find out the true story behind one of the most iconic figures in music history.

ROH: Romeo & Juliet (12A)

ROH: Romeo & Juliet

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Sunday 16 Jun 20192:00pm

Shakespeare’s enduring love story is known the world over. Since its 1965 premiere with The Royal Ballet, Kenneth MacMillan’s Romeo and Juliet has become a modern ballet classic. The choreography captures the emotions of the young couple as they fall in love, despite the barriers that finally bring about the story’s tragic end.

Father's Day: The Warriors (15)

Father's Day: The Warriors

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Sunday 16 Jun 20197:30pm

A turf battle between New York City street gangs that rages from Coney Island to the Bronx. The Warriors are framed for the killing of a gang leader. Soon they have every gang in the city out to get revenge and they must make their way across the city to their own turf. Bring your Dad along - and his first lager is free! CAN YOU DIG IT!?

Rocketman (Dementia Friendly) (TBC)

Rocketman (Dementia Friendly)

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Wednesday 19 Jun 20191:30pm (Dementia Friendly)

From the director of Bohemian Rhapsody comes another foot stomping musical cinematic adventure. An epic musical fantasy about the uncensored human story of Sir Elton John’s breakthrough years, played by a fully committed Taron Egerton. Find out the true story behind one of the most iconic figures in music history.

Dementia Friendly; low level lighting, reduced sound levels and descriptive subtitles. With an interval midway through the showing.

Wilde Wednesdays: Lady Windermere's Fan (PG)

Wilde Wednesdays: Lady Windermere's Fan

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Wednesday 19 Jun 20197:00pm

The day of Lady Windermere’s (Jennifer Saunders) birthday party, and all is perfectly in order. Until her friend Lord Darlington plants a seed of suspicion. Is her husband having an affair? And will the other woman really attend the party?

First performed in 1892, Lady Windermere’s Fan explores the ambiguity of upper class morality and the fragile position of women in society in the late Victorian era in one of Wilde’s most popular and witty plays. Broadcast live from The Vaudeville Theatre in London's West End.

¡Viva! Quién te cantará (12A)

¡Viva! Quién te cantará

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Thursday 20 Jun 20197:30pm

When an ‘accident’ leaves fame-weary Lila with acute memory loss, super-fan Violeta’s remarkable karaoke performance suggests an unusual solution – Violeta can teach Lila to be Lila again. Drawing comparisons with Hitchcock, Bergman and Almodóvar, and voted Best Film by the critics at the San Sebastian International Film Festival. In Spanish with English subtitles.

Part of ¡Viva! Spanish & Latin American Festival 2019 tour, presented by HOME, Manchester, with the support of the BFI, awarding funds from The National Lottery.

High Life (18)

High Life

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Friday 21 Jun 20197:30pm
Saturday 22 Jun 20197:30pm
Wednesday 26 Jun 20197:30pm

French auteur Claire Denis (Beau Travail) finally delivers her much anticipated English language debut. Monte (Robert Pattinson) and his baby daughter are the last survivors of a damned and dangerous space mission.The crew of death-row inmates led by a doctor (Juliette Binoche) with sinister motives has vanished. Father and daughter must rely on each other to survive as they hurtle toward the oblivion of a black hole.

Britain on Film: Black Britain (12A)

Britain on Film: Black Britain

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Saturday 22 Jun 20191:30pm

Screening to mark Windrush Day. Revealing new voices from across a century of vast and turbulent social change in the UK, Britain on Film: Black Britain is not just an important educative tool – offering audiences the chance to explore stories of migration, community and the struggle against inequality – but also an opportunity to celebrate vivid black British life and culture on screen.

Woman at War (15)

Woman at War

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Sunday 23 Jun 20197:30pm
Wednesday 26 Jun 20191:30pm
Thursday 27 Jun 20191:30pm

Halla is a fifty-year-old independent woman. But behind the scenes of a quiet routine, she leads a double life as a passionate environmental activist. Known to others only by her alias "The Woman of the Mountain," Halla secretly wages a one-woman-war on the local aluminum industry, like an eco-conscious Robin Hood. In Icelandic with English subtitles.

NT Live: Small Island (12A)

NT Live: Small Island

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Thursday 27 Jun 20197:00pm

Andrea Levy’s Orange Prize-winning novel Small Island comes to life in an epic new theatre adaptation. Embark on a journey from Jamaica to Britain, through the Second World War to 1948 – the year the HMT Empire Windrush docked at Tilbury.

The play follows three intricately connected stories. Hortense yearns for a new life away from rural Jamaica, Gilbert dreams of becoming a lawyer, and Queenie longs to escape her Lincolnshire roots. Hope and humanity meet stubborn reality as the play traces the tangled history of Jamaica and the UK.

Gloria Bell (15)

Gloria Bell

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Friday 28 Jun 20191:30pm7:30pm
Saturday 29 Jun 20191:30pm7:30pm
Sunday 30 Jun 20197:30pm

Gloria (Julianne Moore) is a free-spirited divorcée who spends her days at a straight-laced office job and her nights on the dance floor, joyfully letting loose at clubs around Los Angeles. After meeting Arnold (John Turturro) on a night out, she finds herself thrust into an unexpected new romance, filled with both the joys of budding love and the complications of dating, identity and family.

Once Upon a Time in the West (12A)

Once Upon a Time in the West

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Sunday 30 Jun 20191:30pm

The perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon - a mysterious stranger with a harmonica joins forces with a notorious desperado to protect a beautiful widow from a ruthless assassin working for the railroad. Join us for this one off screening of Sergio Leone's seminal spaghetti western.

Support the Girls (15)

Support the Girls

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Wednesday 3 Jul 20197:30pm

Lisa Conroy is the last person you'd expect to find in a highway-side "sports bar with curves,"-- but as general manager at Double Whammies, she's come to love the place and its customers. An incurable den mother, she nurtures and protects her girls fiercely--but over the course of one trying day, her optimism is battered from every direction…

A Streetcar Named Desire (12A)

A Streetcar Named Desire

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Thursday 4 Jul 20197:30pm

Join us to celebrate our 6th birthday with the first film we ever screened - based on the play by Tennessee Williams, this renowned drama follows troubled former schoolteacher Blanche DuBois as she leaves small-town Mississippi and moves in with her sister, Stella Kowalski, and her husband, Stanley (Marlon Brando), in New Orleans.

Come along early for a free slice of birthday cake!

Film & Camp: Moonrise Kingdom (12A)

Film & Camp: Moonrise Kingdom

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Saturday 10 Aug 20198:00pm

Join us for an outdoor screening of Wes Anderson's charming tale of youthful rebellion, at Mount Cook Adventure Centre in Middleton-by-Wirksworth!

The year is 1965, and the residents of New Penzance, an island off the coast of New England, inhabit a community that seems untouched by some of the bad things going on in the rest of the world. Twelve-year-olds Sam and Suzy have fallen in love and decide to run away. But a violent storm is approaching the island, forcing a group of quirky adults (Bruce Willis, Edward Norton, Bill Murray) to mobilise a search party and find the youths before calamity strikes.

You can camp over and watch the film at Mount Cook for the price of £16 per person, or just come along to watch the film for £10. This is an outdoor event so please bring your own seating and warm clothing.

The Greatest Showman at The Grand Pavilion (PG)

The Greatest Showman at The Grand Pavilion

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Saturday 17 Aug 20197:00pm

Join us for a special sing-a-long screening of The Greatest Showman in the beautiful Grand Pavilion in Matlock Bath!

Inspired by the imagination of P. T. Barnum, The Greatest Showman is an original musical that celebrates the birth of show business & tells of a visionary who rose from nothing to create a spectacle that became a worldwide sensation. Come along and join Hugh Jackman and co. in one of the greatest musicals of all time.

Fancy dress is expected, but as this is an evening screening please wrap up warm.

Outdoor Screening: Bohemian Rhapsody (12A)

Outdoor Screening: Bohemian Rhapsody

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Friday 6 Sep 20198:00pm (Doors open 6pm)

We will rock you!

Join us on the opening night of the Wirksworth Festival for an outdoor screening of 2018's biggest release: Bohemian Rhapsody at the back of The Lime Kiln pub! Arrive early to grab your spot in front of our biggest screen yet, buy a beer at from The Lime Kiln and enjoy all the Queen mayhem. Fancy dress expected...

Food, activities and more to be announced very soon! Doors open 6pm

NT Live: One Man, Two Guvnors (12A)

NT Live: One Man, Two Guvnors

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Thursday 26 Sep 20197:00pm

Featuring a Tony Award-winning performance from host of the The Late Late Show, James Corden, the hilarious West End and Broadway hit One Man, Two Guvnors returns to cinemas to mark National Theatre Live’s 10th birthday.

Fired from his skiffle band, Francis Henshall becomes minder to Roscoe Crabbe, a small time East End hood, now in Brighton to collect £6,000 from his fiancée’s dad. But Roscoe is really his sister Rachel posing as her own dead brother, who’s been killed by her boyfriend Stanley Stubbers.

NT Live: The Lehman Trilogy (12A)

NT Live: The Lehman Trilogy

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Wednesday 9 Oct 20196:00pm

Sam Mendes (Skyfall) directs Simon Russell Beale, Adam Godley and Ben Miles who play the Lehman Brothers, their sons and grandsons.

On a cold September morning in 1844 a young man from Bavaria stands on a New York dockside. Dreaming of a new life in the new world. He is joined by his two brothers and an American epic begins... 163 years later, the firm they establish – Lehman Brothers – spectacularly collapses into bankruptcy, and triggers the largest financial crisis in history.